Guardian Compliance Advisors works with covered entities to pass greater savings on to patients with a customized prescription discount plan.

As a 340B covered entity, discounts can be offered to certain populations as our software enables you to design a prescription assistance program that transfers 340B savings directly to qualifying patients in the form of a reduced or zero-cost copay.

1.  You identify patient populations that need assistance and provide our discount card.

2.  The eligible patient takes that prescription to a participating pharmacy.

3.  The eligible patient pays either a reduced or zero copay for the prescription.

4.  Switch data is imported into 340B system for qualification testing.*

5.  The 340B-qualified claim gets replenished in the system.

*All claim data is imported into our 340B system along with all the other third-party switch claims, where it is then tested for eligibility.  Note that 340B eligibility is not guaranteed at the time of dispense by the pharmacy.