Providing end-to-end 340B

services and oversight


Guardian Compliance Advisors, the 340B arm of PrimeCare America, was established to provide end-to-end services within the 340B arena. Utilizing decades of experience, from multiple perspectives within the industry, we have assembled a basket of consulting, management and developmental services filling the gaps and bridging relationships to streamline and provide an ease within the industry.

Guardian Compliance Advisors has a national presence throughout the United States. Partnering with covered entities and pharmacies (independent and chain), to provide top of the line services by harnessing our relationships with TPAs, Wholesalers, and more.

Guardian Compliance Advisors is not a TPA. Our world class services provide 340B solutions that ensure regulatory compliance, increase revenue and reimbursements, while aligning with the goal of expanding patient access to affordable health care.

Working arm in arm with PrimeCare America, we customize solutions to create the right fit for health providers.

To learn more about our health solutions, visit our PrimeCare America site.